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I Have Nearly Given Up By Using An E Cigarette

I never intended to start smoking back in the early seventies, as I knew then that it dangerous back then, but as all my friends were doing it I thought that I had no other choice. As you know, once you start it soon becomes a habit, and you do not think about the consequences. Now all of these years later my daughter has been nagging me none stop to give up. Up until last week I ignored her, but then she told me the news that she was pregnant.

As well as that news being a total surprise, it also made me realize that if I wanted to live a long healthy life to spend time with the grandchild then I would have to stop smoking. Having read and heard so much about how people had managed to give up by using an e cigarette I decided that I would try one. I ordered one online, and started using it as soon as I received it.

Although I still had the occasional real cigarette, I have cut-down to only two a day, and so I reckon that in about a weeks’ time I will be off them altogether.