An Electronic Cigarette Review

Reviews for electronic cigarettes could be biased depending upon individual preferences, but here are some brands and clear points about their qualities.

For sheer price savings and bare bones usage, we give Bull Smoke a good review. Their pricing is outstanding and they deliver an in your face good smoking experience, with no frills, just action, with great customer service.

The line is winning over vast amounts of customers because of their website which is easy to use and easy to order the e cigarettes and accessories.

South Beach has a very smooth draw when you inhale, and not so much of a throat hit (the nicotine), and that is a plus for many smokers. They are becoming a major brand with good customer service.

Green Smoke is a very popular brand with one of the strongest throat hits of all of the brands. It has very thick vapor clouds, and has the best menthol with its Menthol Ice flavor.

Vapor Couture, is designed for the ladies, with its slim and stylish look. It is the “Virginia Slims” of the e cigarette world and it has an impressive following.

There are currently over 250 brands of e cigarettes, with over 4 million users currently using the product.

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